Sunday, November 8, 2009

Google Love and our Customers

Google Love and our Customers

We use Google Alert and we highly recommend it for everyone.  Google Alerts lets you keep track of what people are saying about you or your company.  Where your telephone number is showing up, keep up with your favorite stars, and much more.
We use Google Alert to keep track of our customers and when they are being found by other.  An alert does not pass by that does not find our customers being searched for and found in Google.  One great feature of Google Alert is that it tells you and gives the site they are found and we often discover that our customers are found through our marketing efforts.
Here is an example of two customer being found.  One directly on our site and one in Youtube one of our distribution channels for advertisement:
Google Web Alert for:
YouTube - Ketler Cleaning Service
Reallatinpages November 07, 2009. (more info). (less info). Want to Subscribe? Sign In or Sign Up now! Category: Howto & Style ...
Llaremi Healing Touch/ Real Latin Pages - California - Other Services
... for those who are incapable of activity. Call for appointment today (310) 385-0521. ...
These are real Google Alerts and they show that our customers are valued and found thanks to our expert marketing effort.  We do not sit on our laurels and rely solely on our site to get traffic for our customers, we actively promote them everywhere we can.  Our service offers guaranteed placement in all major search engines and at minimum 5 other directories as well as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace.  All of these channels are gold for bringing traffic.  All of these channels also require manual input of the marketing materials so we actively work on placing each and every one of our customers one at the time on these services and directories.
As you can well imagine promoting our customers one at the time to so many labor intensive sites is expensive and our profit margins are significantly affected by the manpower we throw at each of our customers but the results are worth it.  Customer call on a daily basis thanking us for the work we do.  Customers upgrade their listings as well!  Overall our efforts are rewarded with happy and supportive customers!
In conclusion, if you are not using Google Alert start by following the link provided here.  If are a customer know that we are on you side and actively seeking to promote you no matter the effort!

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