Saturday, October 31, 2009

Psychic Commection

Being Hallow’s Eve we felt fortunate to be working with several top notch psychics. One in particular stood out to us because she is so fond of Chloe one of our treasured customer service representative.

This very special psychic  likes our service so much she is considering adding all 50 states to her listing and we will give her a very special price for being so industrious. One of our most valuable services is website design and she is also considering our website development service provided by our affiliate partners at  What can be a better endorsement than a psychic putting such trust in us?

Psychic Gloria Vandeville has placed great faith in us and we are touched by her endorsement and approval of our services. Her ability as a psychic advisor are incredibly diverse and include among others:

1. Tarot Cards

2. Palm Reader

3. Love and Relationship

4. Spiritual Reader

5. spiritual healer

6. removes evil obstacles

7. Soul Mate specialist

8. Will bring lovers back

9. Help you with business and work

10. Love Life

11. Call your enemies by name

With all those skills she can divine that we are not right if our intentions were not honorable and with her endorsement we feel great that she has certified that we are honest and true to our cause of improving the Hispanic business community and our commitment to everyone in our latin business directory to give our best for them whether they are Hispanic, Latino, or not.

We support all of our customer but sometimes we feature ones that stand out for us and Psychic Gloria Vandeville because not only does she endorse us but she tries hard to get the best value and best services from us such as her new website! Kudos to Chloe
(in her own unique style)

from customer service for doing such a great job with our psychic friend and representing us so well in the eyes our our customers. And our greatest gratitude to our psychic supporter:

Visit  to support the Hispanic business community in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico and take advantage of our free listings even if you are not a Latino business, you can be found by the Latin community that supports businesses that care to cater to the Hispanic-American community.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Helping by Educating

Today we helped three helpless clients learn how to use email. We educated two more on what the internet was and how to read their text messages. Among the five clients we took over 4 hours to educate them. All for the $5 sign-up fee only. Was it worth it? Yes, Absolutely!
Lets face it we are in business to make money. Making money means being efficient and counting every penny and every minute your staff has to maximize returns. But more and more in life we have to recognize that we have a responsibility to the Latino community to help them. Was the 4 hours our staff took to educate our clients on the most basics of things efficient or still profitable? No, we lost our shirts on it because we still had to add the clients to the site, make their free video (which in themselves take so long that we lose money) and do a good job to make them look as good as possible. But once again it was worth it. We live by our motto to raise the footprint of the Hispanic-American business online and stand by it. We recognize that most Latino owned businesses are micro-businesses that barely eek out an existence. However, as the great Indian entrepreneur Muhammad Yunus did with his business that no one thought would succeed; we are investing in people; not businesses, people. By helping people succeed, we help our business succeed with them and get them from a Hispanic-owned micro-business to a small business—with patience and education.
No it was not efficient, no we did not make money, in fact we lost money—but we will sleep better because we did a good thing for our Latin brothers and sisters in the Latin-American community we are trying to empower. We feel good and are proud that we care. It is not only us the business owners that care, it is our staff that cares too. We have such a large operation that people with trouble can be pushed aside by our breakneck busy staff to signup less troublesome clients, but because they understand our goals, they take the time. We are not perfect and I am sure at some point some people will fall through the cracks but our goal is 100% service to 100% of our clients even if it means we lose with some in terms of efficiency and profits but we gain great profits in the intangible yet richly rewarding feel-good terms. Both management and staff feel good—and our hopeless clients are less hopeless and one more tiny step closer to the American dream!

Visit to support the Hispanic business community in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico and take advantage of our free listings even if you are not a Latino business, you can be found by the Latin community that supports businesses that care to cater to the Hispanic-American community.

Empowering Hispanic-American Businesses Online! is a leading directory for Latino businesses in the United States. With over 60000 Hispanic business listings in it, we have not being able to find a larger Hispanic-American business directory and there are many but most are tiny and cannot provide the depth of services and advantages that provides.
Real Latin Pages is 100% Hispanic owned and operated. All of our owners and scores of employees are Hispanic. We support the Hispanic community by providing jobs as well. We have offices in Miami, Florida, in California, and in Managua, Nicaragua so we are a large operation that can assure you quality and trust. We practice what we preach and prove it by example and furthermore we will soon announce up to 5 Hispanic Charities we will donate a portion of our profits to, so we will also be giving back to the community in general!
Our greatest pride is Value and Service to our customers and we bend over backwards to help our customers. Our mission is to bring the Latin community in the states to the forefront by increasing their footprint in the internet. Since we feel the internet is the future of business we see our service as a helping hand to the hard working Hispanics that may not have the knowledge or opportunity to take advantage of the internet to promote their businesses where the majority of their local community is searching—the internet. We have a free listing for every business that wants to be in our directory be they Hispanic or not because by bringing everyone together with most businesses being Hispanic owned businesses the entire Latino business sphere benefits. Our business model involves selling premium listing and services that promote our businesses. Beyond the paid services however we have blogs explaining each typical Latino owned business to assist those hiring them to understand the business better and how to best choose them. We will also have forums that will engage the entire internet community in lively conversation about Hispanic-owned businesses and allow the business owners themselves to network for free. Finally anyone asking questions of our internet experts can receive a response usually within 24 hours but our premium businesses can engage in entire email based conversations to seek assistance from our internet experts.
A premium listing in starts at just $5 but really costs over $300 because not only does it come with a free independently-opened branded website (no other directory we know those this) but also offers a free custom produced video for the owner which is a $300 value by itself and inclusion of the video in YouTube to start promoting them directly right away. The best part of this is that we have no contracts. If the business owner walks away after the first month they have a FREE YouTube video for their business and their regular listing remains on our site still working for them! can be reached told free at 1-888-897-4910 or they can be contacted at

Visit to support the Hispanic business community in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico and take advantage of our free listings even if you are not a Latino business, you can be found by the Latin community that supports businesses that care to cater to the Hispanic-American community.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mariachi is a type of musical genre from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Usually a mariachi consists of at least three violins, two trumpets, one Spanish guitar, one vihuela (a high-pitched, five-string guitar) one guitarrón (a small-scaled acoustic bass) and occasionally a harp. They dress in silver studded charro outfits with wide-brimmed hats. The original Mariachi were Mexican street musicians or buskers. Many mariachis are professional entertainers doing paid gigs in the mainstream entertainment industry. Professionals are normally skilled at more than one instrument, and they also sing. They sometimes accompany ranchera singers such as Vicente Fernandez or even pop star Luis Miguel. Although ranchera singers dress in a traje de charro (Charro suit), they are not mariachis.

Although mariachis are hired to play at events such as weddings and other formal occasions, such as a quinceañera (a girl's fifteenth birthday celebration), they are very often used to serenade women because many of the songs in a typical repertoire have as a theme the desire to touch the heart of the opposite sex. Whether you want the Mariachi band for:

• Cumpleaños ~ Birthdays parties

• Matrimonios ~ Weddings

• 15 años ~ Sweet s16th

• Aniversarios ~ Aniversaries

• Bienvenidas ~ Welcome parties

• Fiestas ~ Parties of all types

• Serenatas ~ Serenades

You need to make sure they are reputable as they normally require a down payment to schedule the event. Prices vary widely and can be quite reasonable in areas with a high Hispanic Latino population and much higher where the Hispanic-American population is low. As with most Latin cultures the first price they give you is not necessarily the best as they expect haggling so try to counter offer and you may be surprised. Miami prices can be as low as $150 for 8 songs for example which is a performance of 30-40 minutes. California and Texas prices may be even lower. Also in low event activity days such as Mondays, the prices may go down even further.

Not all Mariachi bands are the same and you should listen to recording of their song before deciding on their abilities for your event. There is nothing more beautiful to impress a woman than a serenade by moonlight and Mariachi bands do that with great skill and practice. Mariachis are great for all occasion and add spice and liveness to any occasion even to corporate parties. For a relatively low fee you have great visual, musical, and interactive entertainment in one package that most people in your event will not forget. A good mariachi band does not just sing, they entertain, they motivate the event goes to participate in well known songs and they bring song and dance everywhere they go even if the song and dance lies only in two hearts in love during a serenade!

To find Mariachi bands on the internet the best place to find them is Real Latin Pages which specializes in Hispano-American business and brings the latino world together under one site. But Google and other popular search engines with local search capabilities is also good.

Visit to support the Hispanic business community in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico and take advantage of our free listings even if you are not a Latino business, you can be found by the Latin community that supports businesses that care to cater to the Hispanic-American community.

Choosing and Instructing a Babysitter

Traditional babysitters offer a great reward of helping grow a new mom instincts in your well known and trusted teens but this is often impractical specially when the baby sitting needs to take place during your entire work day. Finding a good trustworthy baby-sitting is not easy but luckily there are trusted sources on the net and in your community to help you. Qualities to look for include maturity, friendliness, common sense, and a genuine fondness for children.

The recommendations of people you know and trust are your best bet for finding a reliable and capable babysitter. Again, this sometimes is impractical so searching for babysitters online can be quite fruitful at least in searching what is in your local area. Neighbors can help suggest people as can doctors, nurses, daycare workers and even teachers but sometimes you do not get enough information on the babysitters. There are business directories such as Real Latin Pages that can help you find quality bilingual or Spanish speaking babysitters. Online local searches like the ones offered by this directory can assist you in finding what is in your area. What is good about online searches is that most likely the babysitters that are up to date with technology and have pride in their service enough to advertise and have a website on the internet will likely be better educated and more savvy and most.

After you find a good list online, interviewing prospective sitters and checking their references will help you narrow down your sitter choices. Their experience is important but also things you may not have considered such as if he or she is certified in infant and child CPR or has taken a babysitter course such as that offered by the American Red Cross. (Your local YMCA, community hospital, or American Red Cross chapter may have a list of babysitters who have completed their babysitting safety and infant and child CPR courses.)

In addition, consider inviting the sitter over for a dry run while you're at home to familiarize him or her with your household and observe the interactions with your child.

Babysitter Instructions

Well trained baby sitters are a blessing but make sure they know the particulars for your child and their special needs. Go over your child’s temperaments, fears, potential areas of misbehavior, etc. But even more importantly go over their special medical and dietary need if possible. The babysitter should take notes and be able to repeat the information you gave him or her. Of particular importance is to give them a list of contact numbers for you both for regular contact and urgent or emergency contact. Make sure the baby sitter has a list emergency numbers other than 911 such as poison control (which is 1-800-222-1222, it should be posted in a prominent location), number for the child’s general practitioner, numbers to neighbors that might be able to offer assistance in an emergency.

Discuss your rules clearly for the baby-sitter and let your babysitter know your expectations before you leave your home. If you'd prefer that the sitter not leave the house with your child, make that clear. If the phone and visitors are off limits, discuss those restrictions.

Choosing a baby sitter and remember all the instructions to give them can be a bit of research task after all they will be taking care of the most precious things in your life. But with proper online searching and the help of neighbors and others in your community you can find on that suits your needs. Online search directories for local businesses such as Real Latin Pages, Google, and Yahoo can assist you in narrowing down local babysitting businesses that can then come in for an interview.

Visit to support the Hispanic business community in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico and take advantage of our free listings even if you are not a Latino business, you can be found by the Latin community that supports businesses that care to cater to the Hispanic-American community.

About Us

Real Latin Pages is an Internet Yellow Pages style directory. is a leading national online business search directory that features listings for a multitude of businesses throughout the United States. Only Real Latin Pages provides advanced features and benefits to deliver the results users expect. has advanced features that no other business directory has and better website templates and assistance for their listed businesses than any other directory we are aware of. Not only does it provide any business with a free listing, but for those that desire enhanced searchability provides rich and stylish websites inside our directory. But we do not stop there, we offer so many other business services that makes us a one-stop service station for businesses that want to find successful lead generation and increase search traffic to their businesses—on and off the Internet. With the massive traffic we provide and the FREE email advice that any of our Preferred Business Listings can attain. We are in essence the marketing arm of our listing businesses because they are more to us than a paid listing, they are a part of our success and the more successful we can assist in making them the more successful we will be. Business success today is measured in the way the internet can bring business and assists the business owner to service their existing customers. Our website templates not only gives them a listing but it also offers them the ability to add enough content, including Web 2.0 multi-media content to make their business search engine optimized and provide a service to their customers with today’s true business power: information technology!

Real Latin Pages is also the first bi-lingual Spanish and English directory we are aware of. Whether you want to reach the English speaking Hispanics or the Spanish speaking Latinos this Latin business directory can help find Hispanic businesses and present non-Hispanic businesses to the Hispanic community—in the language they prefer! If you want to target the Hispanic population in our Hispanic business directory but do not know Spanish (or only know Spanish and not English and you want to target the non-hispanic population) we can provide affordable translation services for you! This way you can target the best of both worlds! If you already have a website and would like to target the latino community with a website in Spanish we can offer you the opportunity to put a Spanish website in our Spanish business directory easily and inexpensively! Our Spanish Yellow Pages is a great way to reach 47 million people that will appreciate your effort to speak to them directly and recognize them as valuable customers for your business.

Real Latin Pages is committed to providing consumers with greater access to relevant products and services on their local searches. We strive to guide consumers to the information they need to find local businesses quickly and easily. The business we help consumer find could be yours if you have a listing Whether you choose our standard FREE listing or an enhanced listing all you need to do to benefit from the consumer traffic we bring is be in our business directory. Of course with a premium listing you receive many advantages including but not limited to: increased visibility, appearing towards the top in search returns, additional contact capabilities, and not to mention a magnificent 5 page customizable listing in our directory that effectively gives you your own website inside our directory!

As a result, merchants benefit from prime, targeted exposure to thousands of potential customers. Merchants on Real Latin Pages receive priority placement of Preferred Business Listings above the standard listings, a complete 5-page Complete Website, and listings viewable on top search engines and directories at no additional cost.

Whether you’re looking for a great local business or looking to increase your customer traffic, Real Latin Pages has the tools to deliver.

Real Latin Pages is one of a family of companies in the OSI Group.

Visit to support the Hispanic business community in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico and take advantage of our free listings even if you are not a Latino business, you can be found by the Latin community that supports businesses that care to cater to the Hispanic-American community.