Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Empowering Hispanic-American Businesses Online!

http://reallatinpages.com is a leading directory for Latino businesses in the United States. With over 60000 Hispanic business listings in it, we have not being able to find a larger Hispanic-American business directory and there are many but most are tiny and cannot provide the depth of services and advantages that RealLatinPages.com provides.
Real Latin Pages is 100% Hispanic owned and operated. All of our owners and scores of employees are Hispanic. We support the Hispanic community by providing jobs as well. We have offices in Miami, Florida, in California, and in Managua, Nicaragua so we are a large operation that can assure you quality and trust. We practice what we preach and prove it by example and furthermore we will soon announce up to 5 Hispanic Charities we will donate a portion of our profits to, so we will also be giving back to the community in general!
Our greatest pride is Value and Service to our customers and we bend over backwards to help our customers. Our mission is to bring the Latin community in the states to the forefront by increasing their footprint in the internet. Since we feel the internet is the future of business we see our service as a helping hand to the hard working Hispanics that may not have the knowledge or opportunity to take advantage of the internet to promote their businesses where the majority of their local community is searching—the internet. We have a free listing for every business that wants to be in our directory be they Hispanic or not because by bringing everyone together with most businesses being Hispanic owned businesses the entire Latino business sphere benefits. Our business model involves selling premium listing and services that promote our businesses. Beyond the paid services however we have blogs explaining each typical Latino owned business to assist those hiring them to understand the business better and how to best choose them. We will also have forums that will engage the entire internet community in lively conversation about Hispanic-owned businesses and allow the business owners themselves to network for free. Finally anyone asking questions of our internet experts can receive a response usually within 24 hours but our premium businesses can engage in entire email based conversations to seek assistance from our internet experts.
A premium listing in http://reallatinpages.com starts at just $5 but really costs over $300 because not only does it come with a free independently-opened branded website (no other directory we know those this) but also offers a free custom produced video for the owner which is a $300 value by itself and inclusion of the video in YouTube to start promoting them directly right away. The best part of this is that we have no contracts. If the business owner walks away after the first month they have a FREE YouTube video for their business and their regular listing remains on our site still working for them! RealLatinPages.com can be reached told free at 1-888-897-4910 or they can be contacted at info@reallatinpages.com.

Visit http://reallatinpages.com to support the Hispanic business community in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico and take advantage of our free listings even if you are not a Latino business, you can be found by the Latin community that supports businesses that care to cater to the Hispanic-American community.

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