Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Helping by Educating

Today we helped three helpless clients learn how to use email. We educated two more on what the internet was and how to read their text messages. Among the five clients we took over 4 hours to educate them. All for the $5 sign-up fee only. Was it worth it? Yes, Absolutely!
Lets face it we are in business to make money. Making money means being efficient and counting every penny and every minute your staff has to maximize returns. But more and more in life we have to recognize that we have a responsibility to the Latino community to help them. Was the 4 hours our staff took to educate our clients on the most basics of things efficient or still profitable? No, we lost our shirts on it because we still had to add the clients to the site, make their free video (which in themselves take so long that we lose money) and do a good job to make them look as good as possible. But once again it was worth it. We live by our motto to raise the footprint of the Hispanic-American business online and stand by it. We recognize that most Latino owned businesses are micro-businesses that barely eek out an existence. However, as the great Indian entrepreneur Muhammad Yunus did with his business that no one thought would succeed; we are investing in people; not businesses, people. By helping people succeed, we help our business succeed with them and get them from a Hispanic-owned micro-business to a small business—with patience and education.
No it was not efficient, no we did not make money, in fact we lost money—but we will sleep better because we did a good thing for our Latin brothers and sisters in the Latin-American community we are trying to empower. We feel good and are proud that we care. It is not only us the business owners that care, it is our staff that cares too. We have such a large operation that people with trouble can be pushed aside by our breakneck busy staff to signup less troublesome clients, but because they understand our goals, they take the time. We are not perfect and I am sure at some point some people will fall through the cracks but our goal is 100% service to 100% of our clients even if it means we lose with some in terms of efficiency and profits but we gain great profits in the intangible yet richly rewarding feel-good terms. Both management and staff feel good—and our hopeless clients are less hopeless and one more tiny step closer to the American dream!

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