Saturday, October 31, 2009

Psychic Commection

Being Hallow’s Eve we felt fortunate to be working with several top notch psychics. One in particular stood out to us because she is so fond of Chloe one of our treasured customer service representative.

This very special psychic  likes our service so much she is considering adding all 50 states to her listing and we will give her a very special price for being so industrious. One of our most valuable services is website design and she is also considering our website development service provided by our affiliate partners at  What can be a better endorsement than a psychic putting such trust in us?

Psychic Gloria Vandeville has placed great faith in us and we are touched by her endorsement and approval of our services. Her ability as a psychic advisor are incredibly diverse and include among others:

1. Tarot Cards

2. Palm Reader

3. Love and Relationship

4. Spiritual Reader

5. spiritual healer

6. removes evil obstacles

7. Soul Mate specialist

8. Will bring lovers back

9. Help you with business and work

10. Love Life

11. Call your enemies by name

With all those skills she can divine that we are not right if our intentions were not honorable and with her endorsement we feel great that she has certified that we are honest and true to our cause of improving the Hispanic business community and our commitment to everyone in our latin business directory to give our best for them whether they are Hispanic, Latino, or not.

We support all of our customer but sometimes we feature ones that stand out for us and Psychic Gloria Vandeville because not only does she endorse us but she tries hard to get the best value and best services from us such as her new website! Kudos to Chloe
(in her own unique style)

from customer service for doing such a great job with our psychic friend and representing us so well in the eyes our our customers. And our greatest gratitude to our psychic supporter:

Visit  to support the Hispanic business community in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico and take advantage of our free listings even if you are not a Latino business, you can be found by the Latin community that supports businesses that care to cater to the Hispanic-American community.

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